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THOR (US 10,466,300)

Thor is designed and validated through high-volume production test environments. This contacting technology is a proprietary, flexing style, vertical actuation contacting solution.

Thor Socket transparent background.png


Vertical Actuation:

Micro-wipe on the device lead through utilization of our USWS (Ultra Short Wiping Stroke) technology

Robust Contact Tip:

Provides excellent contact to device lead with significant surface-to-surface contact for good current carrying capacity

Pretension Contact Design:

Ensures excellent co-planarity of contact tips

TCC (Thermal Conditioning Channel) Technology:

Maintains thermal set point of device during test process

Ease of Assembly:

Effectively shortens maintenance and downtime

Thor, Thor Jr, Thor HD: 

Various test pin configuration for variety of test applications

Thermal Conditioning Channels Technology

Thermal Conditioning Channels Technology

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