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Driven By Passion

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Having 60 years of collective experience in Semiconductor test, JF TestSense provides best in class full turnkey test engineering solutions including test program development, hardware design and fabrication, plus talent development. The team has confidence in test application development of mainstream ATE platforms such as Advantest 93K, Teradyne ETS364, ETS88, Accotest and Chroma 3650. Coupling with vast experiences in test production environment and requirements, the team will be able to propose an effective solution for high volume manufacturing.


Test Engineering

From productivity improvement, increase parallelism, tester and/or handler platform migration, to full turnkey test solution development for new silicon, JF TestSense will be able to deliver production robust solutions. 

Test Interface Products

JF TestSense covers the mechanical needs of a test setup as well. We are able to provide design and fabrication services for mechanical items like loadboard stiffener and fixtures. We also offer production proven tester to handler docking solutions. The design improves productivity by reducing part changeover during conversion while ensuring excellent docking performance.

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 Talent Development

We have top notch expertise in JF TestSense that provide comprehensive training. These programs are not only targeted in up-skilling engineers in the industry, but also to prepare graduates for the semiconductor test industry via university collaborations.

Counterweight-balanced manipulator

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