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JF Technology was incorporated on 18 September 2006 to become the investment holding company of wholly-owned subsidiaries J Foong Technologies and JF Microtechnology. Soon after establishment, it was listed in 2008 on the Malaysian MESDAQ market. 

Primarily established in 1999 as J Foong Technologies, the company manufactures and trades electronic products and components. Its first product was the single pin cantilever test probe. Moving up the value chain, the company has then established JF Microtechnology, the Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) division of the company on 14 December 2005. Since its formation, the division has been supporting the global semiconductor industry with their high performance test contacting solutions which are key components in the testing stages of the IC devices to ensure its proper functioning. 

JF Technology has currently set a new performance benchmark across international markets and is a leading supplier of high performance test contacting solutions in the global semiconductor industry. The company is located on a 92,000 sq ft of land in Kota Damansara, Selangor and has a 46,000 sq ft area which houses its R&D centre and manufacturing facility. 

"Our team is committed to transform your given specification into products adapted to your needs and requirements, while abiding to our high quality standards, short delivery schedules and competitive pricing."




Just Be Fair

All employees are treated fairly. Everyone is free to express their views or suggestions which may affect them unfairly. It is not who is right, but what is right.

Fiscal Responsibility

Be responsible for your customer's profitability and be responsible for your own company's profitability.

Treat Each Other With Respect

It is our corporate culture to BE Humble and BE Respectful.

Energizing Innovation

Innovation is the bedrock of our company. Take every opportunity to energize innovation and be energized by innovation. 

Committed to Sense of Ownership

Every employee is expected to be committed to sense of urgency and belonging in whatever tasks or assignments given. 

Honest Hard Work

It is our corporate culture to be honest to all, be their internal or external customers. Be humble enough to admit our own mistakes and ready to give credit where credit issue. 





JF Microtechnology Sdn Bhd



Design, development, custom manufacture and sale of integrated circuit test sockets, interconnect, test solutions, and equipment for semi-conductor and electronic assembly markets

Manufacturing and trading of electronic products and components

J Foong Technologies Sdn Bhd



JF TestSense Sdn Bhd



Product migration, IC product's program development, product programming training and on-site engineering test programming support and services

JF International Sdn Bhd



JFH Technology (Kunshan) Co Ltd



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