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Ostricon is a unique cantilever style contacting solution which is designed for flexibility to match various loadboard footprints and test handler hardware.

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Cantilever Pins (Non-Kelvin):

Capable testing current up to 25Amp/pin. Pulse & voltage up to 7.5KC or more

Unique Pins Profile:

Flexibility to match various loadboard foorprint


Sustainable 1   Pass Yield (FPY):

Superior Signal Performance

SWS (Short Wiping Stroke) Technology:

Ideal for Short Pads, Chamfered Corner Pads, and Wettable Flank and Step Cut Styles


Thermal Conditional Channel (TCC) design to maintain ± 2°C test temperature

TCC (Thermal Conditioning Channel) Technology: 

Maintains Thermal Set Point of Device during Test Process

Thermal Conditioning Channels Technology

Thermal Conditioning Channels Technology

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