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GAMMA™ (US 10,466,300)

Gamma™ : Off-set (IC package and load board ends are not in vertical alignment) High Performance Test Contacting solution for the initial lab characterization through high-volume production test environments. 



Mechanical robustness:

Rated for hundreds of thousands of IC package insertions for high-volume production test environments

Thermal Conditioning Channels (TCC) Technology:

Ability to efficiently thermal condition IC package and test contactor components to maintain ± 2°C test temperature

Versatile and cost effective:

Easy replacement of contacts to reduce MTBA, improving up-time and lowering cost-of-test

Short Wiping Stroke (SWS) Technology: 

Micro-wipe provides consistent performance results while minimizing debris generation. Ideal for today's shorter lead geometry configurations

Advance Contact Finish (ACF) Technology:

Extends maintenance intervals by reducing plating transfer buildup and loose debris

Thermal Conditioning Channels Technology

Thermal Conditioning Channels Technology

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