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EZ (US 10,578,645)

EZ : The EZ Contact High Performance Test Contacting Solution designed and validated for initial lab characterization through high-volume production test environments. The EZ Contact technology is a proprietary short rigid contacting solution with a single multifunctional elastomer for biasing and controlling contact motion.

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Single Multifunctional Elastomer:

Easy installation, Inventory and Cost Reduction, Consistent/Controlled Contact Motion, Consistent CRes, Longer MTBA

Short Electrical Length: 

Superior Signal Performance

Short Wiping Stroke (SWS) Technology:

Ideal for Short Pads, Chamfered Corner Pads, and Wettable Flank and Step Cut Styles

Advance Contact Finish (ACF) Technology: 

Loadboard Friendly, Minimizes Debris, Prolonged Cleaning

Thermal Conditioning Channels (TCC) Technology:

Maintains Thermal Set Point of Device during Test Process

Thermal Conditioning Channels Technology

Thermal Conditioning Channels Technology

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